Steam Deck: Hogwarts Legacy performance

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy runs great on your little buddy, the Steam Deck! But of course, it’s never perfect. Are you for looking for some performance improvements, you can try to add the options below. Open desktop mode  (or use ssh/scp), …

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Steam Deck: Transfer files from Windows to Deck

If you still have a Windows system somewhere, and you want to transfer files to the deck, you can easily transfer those files using SSH default, the deck has a ssh server installed, but this isn’t started.You can easily enable…

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SteamGridDB Decky Loader plugin

Steam Deck: SteamGridDB plugin

Personally I didn’t like installing special plugins on the Steam Deck, just because..I don’t know :). Then I noticed that they is a plugin for ‘SteamGridDB’. What is SteamGridDB? Well, that’s a website which has a LOT of artwork for…

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Steam Deck BIOS

Steam Deck: enter the bios

In order to enter the BIOS of your Steam Deck, you can follow the procedure below. 1. Hold the Power button on your Steam Deck. 2. Turn off your Steam Deck by selecting Shut Down from the options that appear on the screen. 3.…

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