ModSecurity: Mod Security rules for wordpress/joomla/drupal

Bschelst/ March 29, 2017/ Linux

You can use the following mod_security rules for wordpress/joomla/drupal ## Rules for the CWP ## SecRuleRemoveById 910006SecRuleRemoveById 950000SecRuleRemoveById 950001SecRuleRemoveById 950005SecRuleRemoveById 950006SecRuleRemoveById 950117SecRuleRemoveById 950907SecRuleRemoveById 958039SecRuleRemoveById 958051SecRuleRemoveById 958291SecRuleRemoveById 959006SecRuleRemoveById 959151SecRuleRemoveById 960008SecRuleRemoveById 960010 SecRuleRemoveById 960011 SecRuleRemoveById 960012 SecRuleRemoveById 960035 SecRuleRemoveById 960335 SecRuleRemoveById 960904 SecRuleRemoveById 960915 SecRuleRemoveById 970003 SecRuleRemoveById 970015 SecRuleRemoveById 970903 SecRuleRemoveById 973301 SecRuleRemoveById 973302 SecRuleRemoveById 973306 SecRuleRemoveById 973316 SecRuleRemoveById 973330 SecRuleRemoveById 973331 SecRuleRemoveById 973332 SecRuleRemoveById 973334 SecRuleRemoveById 973335 SecRuleRemoveById 973336 SecRuleRemoveById 973344 SecRuleRemoveById 973347 SecRuleRemoveById 981172 SecRuleRemoveById 981240 SecRuleRemoveById 981241 SecRuleRemoveById 981244 SecRuleRemoveById 981248 SecRuleRemoveById 981249 SecRuleRemoveById 981255 SecRuleRemoveById 981256 SecRuleRemoveById 981260 SecRuleRemoveById

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SQL-Server: Get Server – Edition – Instance Name with T-SQL

Bschelst/ March 29, 2017/ SQL-Server

  The following t-sql statement returns the server name, server instance, instance, edition & version of the running SQL-Server.   SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘MachineName’) AS [ServerName], SERVERPROPERTY(‘ServerName’) AS [ServerInstanceName], SERVERPROPERTY(‘InstanceName’) AS [Instance], SERVERPROPERTY(‘Edition’) AS [Edition], SERVERPROPERTY(‘ProductVersion’) AS [ProductVersion], Left(@@Version, Charindex(‘-‘, @@version) – 2) As VersionName

Avamar: spawn after execve errno:8 code 8: Exec format error

Bschelst/ March 20, 2017/ Avamar

When running pre/post scripts, it is possible that you are getting the following error message: 2017-03-20 19:43:43 avtar Info <5916>: Executing run-at-start ‘/usr/local/avamar/etc/scripts/’2017-03-20 19:43:43 avtar Info <6033>: Begin STDERR from run-at-start:avspawn::spawn after execve errno:8 code 8: Exec format error   In order to resolve that, ensure that you specified the interpreter as first line.So it should start with, for example:

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Linux: run commandline internet speed test

Bschelst/ March 1, 2017/ Linux

There are different possibilities to run internet speed tests from Linux (and unix) commandline. But personally I don’t always want to install extra applications on the servers.Because of that, I use the following command line. The only thing what is needed, is wget & python. Those 2 product are most of the time already installed.   wget -O –

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