Linux: increase inodes on EXT4 file system

Bschelst/ April 6, 2017/ Linux/ 0 comments

If you have a file system with a lot of small files, it it possible that you are running out of inodes.Unfortunately it is not possible to increase the number of inodes on the fly.In order achieve this, you will need to create a new file system, using the N option, and then copy the data to that new fs:

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PowerShell: using grep alike command

Bschelst/ April 5, 2017/ PowerShell/ 0 comments

In Powershell, you can also use a grep like you can do on Linux. In order to search for a string in a file, you can use the following command: sls “Searchthisstring” “C:\myfile.log” -ca If you want to have the output without filename, line number: sls “Searchthisstring” “C:\myfile.log” -ca | Foreach-Object {$_.Line} If you want to ‘grep’ multiple words, you

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