Mysql: optimize all tables in all databases

bschelst/ July 14, 2019/ Linux/ 0 comments

In order to optimize all databases & tables within your mysql instance, you can use the code below. You can also use a more specific script, where only the tables are optimized which have 10MB free space and 10% free space.

Linux: “du” values don’t match “df” values.

bschelst/ February 16, 2019/ Linux/ 0 comments

If you do a df, and you compare those values with ‘du’, it is possible that those values don’t match. There are multiple reasons why this can happen, and one of those reasons if that files where deleted, but that the files are still in use by an application.In that case, it is possible that you need to stop/restart the

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FFmpeg: decrease size of mp4 file

bschelst/ August 9, 2017/ Linux/ 0 comments

With ffmpeg you can also decrease the size (aka: quality) of a mp4 file on linux command line.You can use the following example, which will generate a +/- 5Mb file :

Denyhosts: Add IP to whitelist

bschelst/ August 7, 2017/ Linux/ 0 comments

Create a file ‘allowed-hosts’ in the ‘work_dir’ (can be found in the denyhosts.conf file), which is /var/lib/denyhosts on Ubuntu, containing the ip.See the example below: