Steam Deck: SteamGridDB plugin

Personally I didn’t like installing special plugins on the Steam Deck, just because..I don’t know :). Then I noticed that they is a plugin for ‘SteamGridDB’. What is SteamGridDB?
Well, that’s a website which has a LOT of artwork for a lot of games for the steam client. If you have steam games, that’s done automatically, but if you have non steam games, you won’t have the artwork (by default). Changing those images , one for the wide image, one for the hero, one for the logo ,etc, is just annoying & time consuming.
The SteamGridDB plugin for Decky Loader helps a lot, and you don’t need to use desktop mode for changing the artwork (even animated artwork), once the plugin has been installed.

How to install Decky Loader

  1. Press the  button and open the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to the System menu and scroll to the System Settings. Toggle “Enable Developer Mode” so it is enabled.
  3. Navigate to the Developer menu and scroll to Miscellaneous. Toggle “CEF Remote Debugging” so it is enabled.
  4. Select “Restart Now” to apply your changes
  5. Press the  button and open the Power menu.
  6. Select “Switch to Desktop”.
  7. Open the Konsole app and enter the command passwd. You can skip this step if you have already created a sudo password using this command. (YouTube Guide)
  8. You will be prompted to create a password. Your text will not be visible. After you press enter, you will need to type your password again to confirm.
  9. Paste the following command into the Konsole app
curl -L | sh

Install SteamGridDB plugin

  1. In game mode,open quick access menu: 
  2. Go to Decky Loader
  3. Open plugins
  4. Scroll till you find “SteamGridDB”, click install, and that’s it. I advise you to restart the Steam Deck.

If you now open game mode on the Steam Deck, you can find the option “Change Artwork” for each game.


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