SSRS: Find out memory used by reporting service.

The T-SQL code below will give you an idea of the memory used by your reporting service. This query should be executed on the “reportserver ” database. Please be aware executing this statement can take some time.

Select  Top 10
From    [ReportServer.dbo.ExecutionLog2 el
Outer Apply (
        Select  Sum(
                    Coalesce(c.value('Pagination[1]', 'int'), 0) +
                    Coalesce(c.value('Rendering[1]', 'int'), 0) +
                    Coalesce(c.value('Processing[1]', 'int'), 0)) / 1024.0 As MemoryUsageMB
        From    [ReportServer].dbo.ExecutionLog2 el2
        Cross Apply
                el2.AdditionalInfo.nodes('AdditionalInfo/EstimatedMemoryUsageKB') As b(c)
        Where   el.TimeStart Between el2.TimeStart and el2.TimeEnd
        Or      el.TimeEnd Between el2.TimeStart And el2.TimeEnd
        ) a
Order By MemoryUsageMB Desc
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