PowerShell: List private endpoints on AZ

Below is a high-level approach on how you might achieve this using PowerShell and the Azure CLI:

    • Install Azure PowerShell: If you haven’t already, install the Azure PowerShell module on your machine.
    • Authenticate to Azure: Use Connect-AzAccount to sign in to your Azure account.
    • List Private Endpoints: Use Get-AzPrivateEndpoint to get a list of private endpoints in your subscription.
    • For Each Private Endpoint:
      • Use the ResourceId property of each private endpoint to identify the associated resource.
      • Depending on the resource type (e.g., storage account, SQL database, etc.), you’ll need to use appropriate commands to get the private IP addresses. For example, use Get-AzStorageAccount for storage accounts.
    • Collect and Filter Private IPs: As you loop through the private endpoints and resources, collect the private IP addresses and filter out duplicates.
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