Powershell: Create new routes based on existing routes

Bschelst/ June 8, 2019/ PowerShell

It’s possible that you want to change routes on a system which point to a certain gateway, and replace them with a new gateway. The only thing this silly powershell is doing, is getting the list of routes, filter out the ‘old gateway’, replace that gateway, and put the deletes/add in a batch script which then can be executed when

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T-SQL: Check progress of DBCC checkdb

Bschelst/ May 10, 2019/ SQL-Server

Doing a dbcc checkdb can take a lot of time, and in case of corruption you really want to see the progress. You can use the t-sql statement below to find the progress. Keep in mind to replace the YOUR_DB_ID to the id of your database. (find out in sys.databases)

Oracle: solving block corruption

Bschelst/ April 29, 2019/ Oracle

Step 1:  If block corruption was found, first find the corrupted blocks: Stzp 2:  Check to which table/index/etc that block belongs to. Step 3:  Resolve the block corruption using RMAN (which is one of the possibilities):